Permissions To Grant For Zoom Application:

The list of permissions that need to permit for the zoom application is as given below

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In-app purchases

The zoom application allows the users to an in-app purchase, which the User can use for free.

Device and app history

The history of the web bookmarks is required to access and the information regarding the running apps on the mobile device. The application also retrieves the sensitive log data and the system’s internal state.

Cellular data settings

The zoom application connects to the internet connection with the cellular data and the wi-fi connection. So, to connect with the cellular data, requires details regarding the cellular data


The information regarding the user profile is used, the application can find accounts, read and modify contact cards, add or remove accounts


The app should be allowed to access the contacts on the device, to read and modify them


By permitting the calendar permissions, the application can read calendar events and also modify calendar events and emails


The User to permit the application to track the current location and also provide the GPS access


The User has to allow the application to send text messages, and multimedia messages including text, picture and video messages.


By allowing the application to access the phone, it retrieves details of call history, reads and call log, and reroutes outgoing calls.


The application has to get a grant for accessing the photos media and storage. It also formats external storage and modifies USB storage.