Uber App

Uber is a multinational ride-sharing application that offers rides that includes peer-to-peer ridesharing, and ride service hailing it is found in 2009 by Garrett Camp. The company is interlinked with ride services in more than 785 metropolitan areas throughout the world. This application can be accessed through mobile apps and uber websites. Uber has 110 million users all over the world with a 69% market share in the united states for rides, and 25% for food delivery.

Uber App For Mobile

To book the uber ride the passengers will use the app to order the app and the dynamic pricing model is used for the rides as per the demand and supply of the ride requested. The payment can be paid through cash/phone pe/ google pay as the payment will be done as per the selection of the mode of payment. The rider is given an option to provide a gratuity to the driver which is billed to the rider’s payment method. In any case, if the passenger lets the driver wait then passengers are charged with waiting charges. The drivers of uber have to meet the requirements of age, health, care type, car age, driving license, they should have a smartphone or android device to check about the rides, uber drivers must pass an annual safety inspection, some cities require uber drivers to have a business license.

A real-Time ID check is required for some drivers to take selfies when logging into uber. All the drivers use an application to receive and accept offers for transportation and other related information.


Travis Kalanick, Garrett Camp




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