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Application Truecaller
Founder Alan Mamedi

Nami Zarringhalam

Type Of Site Caller ID, Spam Blocker, Telephone Directory
Available in Multiple languages
Released On July 1, 2009
Compatible Platforms iOS, Android
Content rating 4+
Offered By Truecaller

True caller is a tool in which we have the portal of all contacts across the world and we can easily identify who is calling us before lifting up the call. Then we can make a decision to lift the call or not? That is we can have the possibility to block an unwanted number permanently whenever we want and that call never comes again.

True caller is a global phone social register having mainly two features

  1. Caller id.
  2. Call blocker.

The cause to invent this application is to make searching for a number or person globally more precisely.


  • True caller is having the world’s largest phone contacts directory with more than 750 million contacts.
  • For the work of this app, you need to have an internet facility.
  • We will have the advantage of seeing the contacts after they called. Here the number is either landline or mobile.
  • The information about the caller will be identified by the caller id.
  • The blocklist facility gives you the freedom to block any unwanted call and we can block any number of calls.
  • You can have a look at block list numbers.
  • Now, it is integrated with Twitter to have better-searching options and followers directly.
  • You can create your own TRUE CALLER profile.
  • You can upload the images from FACEBOOK, TWITTER and GOOGLE+ to have the screen when your contacts called up you.
  • The most important feature of a true caller is that whenever you are getting a call from an unwanted number, it will show how many members make it spam. So you can have an idea to receive or reject.

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