Stan App

Features of Stan App

File Storage

The File size storage of this app on android would be 25MB.

The storage space required to access this app on IOS would be 33.2MB.


This app is available in the English language.


Stan app falls under the category of Entertainment.

Content Rating

The Content rating is usually described the maturity level of content in-app, Well this app has content rating 12+

And the age rating for this Stan app is about 4+


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In-App Purchase

You can take a subscription on this app for which starts from around $10.00 based on the subscription your video and audio quality will be based on.

You can also take a subscription of premium which costs you around $17.49 these prices will be completely based on how many persons can stream at a time.


Device ID and Call information

To identify the device id and read the phone status


peruse the substance of your USB stockpiling

If in a case to adjust or erase the data of your USB stockpiling


peruse the substance of your USB stockpiling

If in the case to change or erase the data of your USB stockpiling


The latest version of stan app to download on android is 1.4 and the android platform version that should support varies with the device at least the minimum version for android should be 5.0

The latest version of the stan app to download on IOS is 3.13 and the IOS version that needs to support is 11.0 or later.

Stan is Australia’s local streaming service app, offering boundless access to a huge number of long stretches of TV shows and films from around the globe. It was propelled on 26 January 2015. Stan initially was established as StreamCo Media, a joint endeavor between Nine Entertainment Co. You can take a monthly subscription once you’re done with 30 days trial version. Watch Stan whenever, anyplace – on a full scope of gadgets, download to watch disconnected and stream in 4K Ultra HD.

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