Signal App

The signal is the free open-source application to send and receive SMS messages normally. It similarly acts like a messager application. Users can text other Signal users in their contact list and all messages are automatically encrypted. If you want to text the non Signal users then simply send the message through normal SMS or send an invite to the Signal app. Through this app not only text your friends but also make phone calls having crystal clear voice quality without any charge. It supports both Android and iOS devices.

Signal Private Messenger For Mobile


The signal is the messaging app and enables users to verify security by inspecting the code. It allows the one to one conversations also group chats with a secured encrypted protocol. For the first time, users Signal app ask to register with their phone numbers. You will be brought to a screen which displays QR codes also a list of safety numbers. This QR code will be different for every contact. You can send SMS, videos, images, contact info, audio etc through this Signal app.


The Signal is pretty simple to look at and feels good to use. The user interface is very clean and clear with splashes of colour. The signal covers all of your day and secure messaging needs. The signal app encrypts and decrypts all messages from the client-side. Encrypted messages are sent over the data connection and do not count your text message planning.


A signal is a private messager with security, free usability, well designed and open-source package. The Signal application is user-friendly for iOS, desktops and Android devices. You can also set the automatically disappear messages option on your contact by contact basis. The signal app is easy to use and keeps your messages safe and secure.