Badoo App

This is the Dating app discovered by the social networking channel, can access from the Android, iOS devices. Anyone can create with Facebook ID or by mobile number. The Badoo application has 47 languages over the world and 400 million users across the universe. The specialty of this is it navigates the locations and connects to the nearer Badoo users.

Experiencing is not a bad thing, in fact, we grab new feelings and might learn something new too. It’s all your wish to choose or search for a  person you like to meet or to start the conversation. At the time of creating an account, the user needs to create an interesting Bio so that they have chances at least to look at your bio. If everything works well and good proceed further to the next step of your agreement relation.


Every user will automatically consider the following: Age, Gender, Location, Chat, and Date. Apart from those also considers the candidate’s Bio and pictures of that particular user.

When you open the Badoo application, you will navigate to scroll to the nearest Badoo users. If you want to see their Bio, click on the display picture then you will find candidate full details. Scroll from the bottom if you like to see more pictures of him/her. Swipe right to start chat or conversation and left to reject and go to the next user.

The application is- build with one default function, it will match up you with the similar Bio of the users and suggests or force you to select that user and start dating. If you want to add more photos click the right top button and add pictures. If you selected a person, start messaging him/her and of course, start the new conversation.

Remember you have provided with age limits too, select to see only selected age limit range. So, according to your settings, you will get the list and you need to select from them. You have no limitaions in date with only these particular people, with the particular round figure, no rules like that.

After a certain period, the app asks you to try the premium facility for a more beautiful experience. It gives you trail session for 7 days and then if you wanted to use further, you need to unlock by paying dollars.

Download it from the Play Store for the free of cost, to get some advanced futures you need to try premium for more settings and features further.


  • It makes you learn new things, new experiences.
  • A platform with friendly accessibility.
  • Based on the current location, it navigates you to collect the nearer Badoo account users and makes you start date with them.


  • There is nothing much better than other dating apps, I felt the quite same procedure.
  • It disappoints about the concept called Try Premium, for more benefits.
  • Strict rules for the users of Badoo application.
  • It concentrates only on the location-based dating, it failed to connect with distance-based.

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