Jharkhand Udyami Sakhi Mandal Yojana

All About Jharkhand UdyamiSakhi Mandal Yojana

As we all know, woman empowerment in the country is still in utopia. This is one of the biggest factors that contribute to poverty. Jharkhand government is playing a huge role in eradicating that. The Jharkhand UdyamiSakhi Mandal Yojana is a scheme organised by them. It provides financial help to women who want to start up their own business in the state.

1. The salient features of this scheme.

This scheme comprises of a set of rules. They are as follows. Women form 15-member groups within themselves. Each group is provided a particular range of budget to set up industries in their desired locations.  Other than financial assistance, it offers proper guidelines to the women groups. These guidelines play a key role in success of setting up their industries. The Chief Minister of Jharkhand Raghubar Das also guaranteed children of financially weaker families about 3 lakh each. This facility is provided to those families who are so poor that they cannot send their children to school.  Those children mainly belong to the Taili community.

2. Benefits of this scheme.

This scheme has a number of benefits. The first and foremost one is women empowerment. As we know, the employment rates in our country are very poor. As per a latest survey, the unemployment rate in our country reached its pinnacle in 2018. Also, it showed that in 4 people getting employed, 1 is a woman. This again proves that the condition of women empowerment is worse. This scheme helps women to stand up on their own by starting their own business. They get self employment. This also contributes to the GDP of the nation. That, in turn contributes to the world economy. Also, it leads to the enlightenment of women in rural areas.

3.  How to apply?

Since it is a newly announced scheme by the Jharkhand government, the guidelines are not yet available. But it has been said that it will soon be made available so that women of rural area can apply and make the best use of this scheme.

4. Aim of this scheme.

The main objective of this scheme is women empowerment. The Jharkhand government has announced that there will be several welfare schemes. The UdyamiSakhi Mandal Yojana is one such scheme. The government has also instructed for several awareness campaigns to be run across the state. New policies have been developed to support women empowerment strategies.  In rural areas, huge level of discrimination is done between a boy child and a girl child. The Jharkhand Government’s main aim is to make those people families realise that the country has progressed. Along with the progress of the country, the mentality of such families should also progress. A girl child is as capable as a boy child in contemporary society. The UdyamiSakhi Mandal Yojana is useful for girls of rural area to a huge extent for this very reason.

We need to ensure that all these steps are followed properly. More awareness needs to be created, women should be provided more opportunities. Specially women below the poverty line must be provided with such employment facilities. Other states of the country must also start thinking like Jharkhand. That way the entire country will progress to a developed one soon from a developing one.