Jharkhand PTG Dakia Yojana

Brainchild of Jharkhand Government, Jharkhand PTG Dakia Yojana was presented to enhance the conditions of backward classes and poor people of this country. Here, the Jharkhand Government is working very hard in the fields amongst the poor tribes and illiterate people to implement this plan in respective areas. They main motto of Jharkhand PTG Dakia Yojanais to end hunger amongst some selected tribes by providing them sufficient food. Today, we are going to have a detailed discussion about this amazing scheme, offered by the state government of Jharkhand. So, give some time and carry on with your reading.

What or who is PTG group?

Before indulging further about this plan, let us know a bit about what PTG is. Well, the full form PTG is Primitive Tribal Group. This covers the area of backward, poor and illiterate tribe. They are living a very pathetic life, where the food is very hard to come by. The main reason behind this is lack of proper employment amongst them. This Free Rice Scheme for Primitive Tribal Groupis going to help them significantly by providing them sufficient food so that they can survive in their life. This scheme will make sure that those people don’t go their beds in empty stomach.

What is the purpose of this scheme?

As discussed already, the main purpose of this scheme is to end the dark effects of hunger amongst the poor and backward people who falls under PTG area. It has been approved that Jharkhand government will provide them with 35 Kg of rice per month. These will be delivered to each and every family who falls under PTG scheme and it will be free of cost. This program will make sure that each and every family must get food for their stomach. All the 70000 households will receive this food and it will go directly to their home.

What is the eligibility to get the benefits of this plan?

To get the benefits of this plan, there are some eligibility criteria, which a government will follow. Here is the list of those criteria.

  • Only the poor people who fall under the category of PTG will get rice, free of cost.
  • They must be the residents of the state of Jharkhand.
  • Their income must be less that Rs.1000 per month.
  • To get the benefits of this scheme, they must be from the following tribes named Asur, Birhor, Birajiya, Mal PahariyaKorwa, Paharia and SouriyaPaharia.

What are the key features of this of this scheme?

Let us have a precise look on the key features of this scheme. Here, is the list of features:

  • PTG families from the state Jharkhand and some the areas from Bihar will get rice, free of cost.
  • The Jharkhand government will deliver rice packets of 35kgs to all the households fall under PTG.
  • These rice packs will be delivered to the doorsteps of each and every family as they consist of old men, frail women and children.
  • The scheme will benefit almost 70000 families by delivering them food at free of cost.

Well, this is a brilliant scheme presented by the state government of Jharkhand. It is a very substantial step towards curbing hunger in this country as it is suffering from a huge impact of unemployment. Also, it will set an example for the future generations of our country.