Jharkhand Mukhbir Yojana

Child marriage in this 21st century is still a great burden of Indian society. A lot of NGOs as well as the state governments across the country are working hard in order to eliminate this problem from society forever. As an initiative to eliminate child marriage system from the state, the Jharkhand state government has launched the Jharkhand Mukhbir Yojana. The state government has announced reward up to 50000 rupees to demolish the system of child marriage from the society forever.

The Jharkhand Mukhbir Yojana: – the state government of Jharkhand is going to launch the Mukhbir Yojana to prevent child marriage. Under this Yojana, the government offers reward of 1000 rupees to the person who informs the government about child marriage and becomes a Spy of the government. Moreover, the government has announced a reward of up to 50000 rupees to all the village panchayats with no case of child marriage has been reported in a single year.

Health and Family Welfare Department of Jharkhand government has already sent this proposal to the central government. The main objective of the Jharkhand mukhbir Yojana is to stop child marriage. Besides, the government will provide the counselling needed to the child who was going to get married.

A team of Sahiyas are going to provide the service of tracking, identification and counselling to the minor couples. They will also make them understand the need of marriage at the appropriate age. The government are going to train a team of Sahiyas specially for this purpose only.

The provisions and how to apply for Jharkhand Mukhbir Yojana 2018: –

The two of the main provisions of the Jharkhand Mukhbir Yojana that has been sent to the central government are as mentioned

  • The thousand rupees reward: – the person who will report the government about child marriage which is going to happen will be rewarded. Any person who will provide the information regarding child marriage to government helpline number 104 will receive the cash reward of 1000 rupees. But there are only two conditions to this. The first one is the information must be provided before the marriage is actually going to happen. And the second is, obviously, the information has to be correct.
  • The 50000 rupees reward: – all the village panchayats with no number of cases being reported regarding child marriage in a single year will be rewarded with 50000 rupees cash.

As per the pieces of information until now, the government has received 10 reports regarding child marriage through the helpline number 104. And most of these reports are coming from the city of Ranchi.

According to some reports, 38% of the child marriage across the country is from the state of Jharkhand. According to the reports of state government, district of Godda includes the most number of child marriages with a massive 63.5 per cent. Second and third comes the Garhwa and Deoghar district with 58.8 and 52.7% cases accordingly.