ARYA Scheme Jharkhand

ARYA Scheme Jharkhand is introduced by the chief minister of Jharkhand. It is known as the Attract Rural Youth in Agriculture wherein the youth belonging to the rural areas of Jharkhand is asked to stay in villages instead of shifting to the urban areas and practice farming. The youth of this generation have lost all their interest in farming and they do not want to pursue it further as their occupation. Thus, to preserve agriculture in the state the government has taken this initiative.

To bring this scheme into action, Agriculture Technology Management and Training (ATMA) will be training the youth. Each village will have two such members who will be trained to make proper use of uncultivated and barren lands. They will also be inspired to grow pulse.

The chief minister i.e., Mr. Raghubar Dashas also directed that a network of youth should be established to speed up the tasks of food processing, marketing and value addition. The stakeholders have also been directed to establish coordination. This will help in maximum possibilities of exploration in the agricultural sector. He has also mentioned that women need to be given prominence in selection.

Objectives Of ARYA Scheme Jharkhand

  • To identify barren lands in the villages and initiate the growth of pulses in them under the guidance of the Agriculture Science Centre.
  • Encouraging the farmers to grow other crops after harvesting paddy.
  • Inspiring young farmers to learn more about using fertilizers and use them as per the Soil Health Card.
  • To ask the people to use neem coated urea to treat their crops.
  • To inspire the farmers for Prime Minister Crop Insurance Scheme.
  • To promote the agriculture of crops like Rabi.
  • To appeal the farmers to not let their cattle graze in open in the season of Rabi.
  • To help to promote seed treatment.
  • Grow advanced seeds and promote it so that it can be used by the young farmers.
  • To keep the farmers registered by the farmers portal.
  • Help to provide farmers with new technology by telephoning Kisan Call Centre.
  • To constitute a farmer group in their respective areas.


The main aim of ARYA Scheme is to promote the green revolution in the entire state which is gradually seen decreasing. The state government is trying its best by attracting the youth in the field of agriculture by making them more skilled and self-dependent.

Who Can Apply for the ARYA Scheme Jharkhand?

The rural youth who are residents of this state are eligible by the government of Jharkhand to apply for this scheme

Benefits of Attracting and Retaining Youth in ARYA Scheme Jharkhand

  • The state government will attract rural youth in agriculture by providing them skill training which in turn will make the youth self-dependent in the field of agriculture.
  • The training will be provided by the best the country can get i.e., by the Agriculture Technology Management and Training.
  • Among a large number of youth, few will get the benefits of training about agriculture such as how to use barren and uncultivated land efficiently. The youth will also be inspired to grow food grains.


In this country, agriculture is slowly taking a back seat. Industrialization has led to several youths to leave their village and move to cities in search of better job and living. To help agriculture regain its earlier position the government must promote more schemes like the ARYA Scheme.