Jharkhand Online Land Records Via jharbhoomi.nic.in

jharkhand online land records state government instructed all the state revenue offices for making online land services for property in the state. This online record was done by the ZAP IT and JSAC team. The district missal that has been recorded online for 1923-24 and 1924-25.

Through this official website, landowners can get the land information of Khasra online. Missal record gets all landowners in the village like measles number, land details like landowner name, soil type, populated land, small & big trees forests, government land are available population

The Jharkhand online records state government of IT team developed the online software called “Vasudha” under revenue department. Jharkhand land record is also known as Jharkhand Bhulekh citizens people who want to verify the land details in the state.

The online website of Vasudha developed software in jhr.nic.in where people can get the complete details of a property. The department official website divided into 12 parts and services for land and as mentioned below

jharkhand online land records

  • New releases
  • Dashboard
  • Check Register II
  • Check your Khata
  • Data entry report
  • Check Khata or account and Register II
  • Online application
  • Land Digital Map or Bhu-Naksha
  • Login
  • Jharkhand state website

Website Dashboard of  Jharkhand online land records

This dashboard section on a website has given all information about e-Mutation status, district wise data, and total pending cases at a level, checking application status of mutation online etc. You can also check the status by selecting the district name, year, circle and case number and then click on Get status.

New releases:

The name only indicating that, in this section, people can check all latest news and events information online. The registered people get all notification by the department regarding land records, recruitment news, staffs, and information for all changes done by the revenue department.

Check your Khata:

By using the Vasudha software you can get the map. In this section, you can check your own khata after selecting the district name, block name etc

Check your Register II:

In this register section, select the tehsil name next you will get the new page, here enter the Halka name, current part, mauja name, current page number, You can search Katha, account number to all register II

View Khata:

In this section, you can view your Katha land details by entering register 2, district name, Halka name, khata number etc information

jharkhand online land records state website:

The revenue department published all districts of an official website under the state government.

Online application:

In this section select your district name and then circle name. After that, you have to select the option and get the acknowledgment receipt for the request which you have already submitted to a department

Data entry report:

All landowners can check all ROR wise entry status for district wise. The property owner can get information has done by Revenue and Land Reforms.

Bhu Naksha:

The revenue department of an official website has provided the online digital map. To get the online map just visit Jharbhoomi.nic.in and select district name, location section also required information


This section is for departmental person login services. Here the official departmental persons can get application submit process with upload event, data entry, register II printout facility.

jharkhand online land records

jharkhand online land records

jharkhand online land records

jharkhand online land records